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Dagmara Rosiecka

 I'm helping WOMEN to find HEALING, build DREAMS and remain anchored in their inner POWER.

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Hi there!

Professionally I am a Dance Movement Therapist, Comprehensive Body-Mind Therapist, and a Personal Performance Coach, and also I have a real passion for Aromatherapy. My scientific background is in Environmental Biology, hence my interest and love for nature that I express in cultivating Ecotherapy.
My adventure with healing started in 2007, when I undertook studies in Dance Movement Psychotherapy. After graduating from Goldsmiths University of London I focused on growing a young family and exploring the world of creative, therapeutic work with clients from various walks of life. Over the years I grew as a practitioner and developed my therapeutic tool kit by adding alternative approaches to healing, and active and creative ways of self-development. My passion is to empower and support women as I believe today`s world needs female leaders, activists and creators.

Privately I am a mum of two great kids and a wife of a wonderful man. Together we have created a strongly bonded family who believes in a simple life. We do our best to be aware of the choices that we make in terms of what we eat, how we spend our time, and how we align our priorities with the values that we hold dearly. But trust me, we also have lots of fun and craziness going on every day.

I love reading inspiring books and I am committed to a holistic self-development. I also love dancing, walks in the forest, cooking for my family, upcycling stuff, being cozy at home, the four of us snuggling up in one bed, long weekend`s breakfasts talking with my husband, and being surrounded by my wonderful, creative and supportive tribe of other women.

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This multidisciplinary outlook includes emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and natural aspects of personal growth and change. In this practice you will find elements of body work and movement, aromatherapy, life coaching, music, arts and natural materials to facilitate an individual, client-crafted experience.

CB-MT is a method which came to be as a result of my ongoing journey in the field of healing. This method is based on the belief that the therapeutic endevour has to go through a certain process. Awareness, Responsibility and Choice are the stepping stones of this journey.  We are invited to look into the past, to be able to learn about it and understand ourselves in relation to it, and hopefully come to accept it. This creates an Awareness which accompany us from now on. From here we arrive at the present moment as we starting to understand that as adults we have a duty of Responsibility towards ourselves, our families and our environment. We have to take our life in our own hands, to create it the way we want and need it to be. The next step is Choice, the future we want to experience. This is about every little or big decision we make every day, to be able to design the life we desire and become the person we would like to be. Now with this new Awareness and a sense of Responsibility we are free to make that Choice and keep those aspects of ourselves that we cherish, discard those that don’t serve us any more, and come up with a whole new way of being, that will enable us to live to our fullest potential.

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Fall in love with taking care of yourself

Fall in love with the path of deep healing

Fall in love with becoming the best version of yourself

With patience, with compassion and respect to your own journey 


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