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Testimonials: Testimonials

Dagmara is the kind of a therapist who guides the clients by their hand in the times of darkness. She gives time to get to the next step and introduce new changes in life at the client`s own rhythm and own level of maturity. She can also be challenging  when the situation requires it. She is direct and to the point. Meetings with her were full of focus and absolute readiness for the session. She is full of empathy for women and mothers. I do recommend her services.


I am grateful to Dagmara for the help she provides me with. I know I can count on her. I really appreciate the specific interventions she gives me and the fact that she is looking for different methods that may be best for me individually. I like her comprehensive, body and mind, approach towards work with a client. Dagmara's cordiality, warmth and kindness are also particularly important to me.


The regular sessons I had allowed me time to myself to focus on what I wanted to achieve. Dagmara’s input was invaluable in helping me work towards achieving my long term goal. I looked forward to each session, knowing that she would be focusing me on the next steps I needed to take. Her questioning was effective in keeping me on track and motivated to move closer to my desired goal. She encouraged me to consider options that I would not have without her input and to make decisions and take action straight away.


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